Company History

POSCO DAEWOO began as a trading company called ‘Daewoo Industry Co., Ltd.’ in March 1967. The company was appointed as a ‘general trading corporation’ by Korean Government in May 1975 and has pioneered the economic development of South Korea by expanding its exports. In January 1982, the construction and the trading sector of company were integrated and it was renamed as Daewoo Co., Ltd. During the Global financial crisis hit in Korea, Daewoo Group was disbanded and divided into Daewoo International Co., Ltd. in December 2000. Until the early graduation of a work-out in December 2003, the company achieved average annual sales increases of 30%. In November 2010, it became an affiliate of the POSCO and was prepared to face the future based on its solid internal stability.


Since the 1st overseas branch was established in Sydney, Australia in August 1969, the company has 109 global networks located in 58 countries as of 2016. Particularly in 1988, the company became the first Korean corporation to penetrate into the German and Chinese markets. In March 2016, POSCO DAEWOO revised its mission statement, and is leading the global market as a part of the POSCO Group.